The firm has all the requisite computer software for roads and bridges design. Besides, the organization plans to broaden its operating capacity to include equipment related to planning, design and construction supervision of highways, large bridges, railways, airports, water supply and sanitation, objects of social culture such as schools, hospitals, stores, palaces of culture, rest resorts etc. The firm has following resources available at present.

Computer Systems
Pentium III Computers on 10/100 Fast Ethernet
Technical Software
  • Infrasoft MxRoads and MxRenew
    HDM IV
  • Catalina Engineers HiCAP 2000
  • Transoft Solutions AutoTURN
  • ESRI ArcINFO and ArcVIEW
  • ERDAS Imagine
Testing Equipments
  • Rebar Locator (Profometer)
  • The capo (Cut-and-Pull-Out)
  • Digi Schmidt (Digital Rebound Hammer)
  • Canin (Corrosion Analysing Instrument)
  • Germann Docter
  • KUAB 2m - fwd (Falling Weight Deflectometer)
Surveying Equipment
  • Total Stations (Accuracy: 1 Second)
  • GPS Receivers (Accuracy: 5mm Horizontal, 2cm Vertical
  • Nu-Metrics Nitestar 60 DMI
  • Nu-Metrics Hi-Star, Automated Traffic Counting Devices
  • Mobile GPS with ArcVIEW
  • Trimble Navigation GeoExplorer


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