Project Name:
Kazakhstan Road Sector Development Program

Name Of Client:
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Detail Narrative Description of Project:
The objective of this project was to assist the MOTC and the Committee for Roads in the following areas: 1. Road Sector Development Program The Consultants assisted the MOTC to prepare a Road Sector Development Program covering a five-year period, containing: - analysis of the current status of the road sector; - definition of the strategic goals; - development of a program of physical works; - institutional development and road financing; - training; and - preparation of an implementation plan. 2. Implementation Assistance with the Preparation of EBRD Road Investment Project This included: - establishing/confirming project feasibility; traffic studies, conceptual design, costing, assessment of benefits, appraisal of alternatives; - site investigation; - preliminary environmental analysis; - preparation of a preliminary design; and - preparation of an implementation plan.

Project Location within Country: Entire Kazakhstan (KZ)

Professional Staff Provided by the company: 11

No.of Man-Months: 30

Start Date: 1/4/2002

Completion Date(month/year): 1/12/2002

Services: KCI provided a technical input for carrying out the following field surveys and investigations for EBRD Atyrau-Aktau Road Investment Project: - visual condition survey (pavements and structures - 897kms); - road roughness survey (approx. 897kms); - benkelman beam testing (897kms); - dcp testing (340kms); - traffic surveys; - environmental and social surveys. Principal design was prepared, quantities and costs were worked out for each of the work items with preparation of bidding documents. Above survey data, together with VOC and economic unit costs were input into HDM-4 and economic analysis were carried out. Road condition data on other 6 major international corridors with approximate length of about 3000 kms were collected from various roads departments and the following were carried out to arrive at priority program: - Traffic Survey; - Roughness Survey; - Collection and compilation of historical traffic and road condition data.

Name of Associated firm(s):
Kampsax (Denmark); Service Fund (Kazakhstan)

No of Man-Month Of Professional Staff
Provided by associated firm(s):

Name of Senior Staff: Omarkhan Birimzhan, Project Director - Overall project coordination; Rustam Ishenaliev, Pavement Engineer/Coordinator - management, daily coordination of field and office activities, production of survey reports.


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