Project Name:
Feasibility Study of Ucharal - Dostuk Road

Name Of Client:
Ministry of Transport and Communications

Detail Narrative Description of Project:
This Feasibility Study for 180km long republican road, connecting Kazakhstan to China at Dostuk (Druzhba), prepared an investment package for upgrading the existing 2-lane facility. The improvement of this link will boost trade between PRC, Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries of the region and will greatly contribute to the regional cooperation.

Project Location within Country: Eastern Kazakhstan (KZ)

Professional Staff Provided by the company: 5

No.of Man-Months: 5

Start Date: 1/11/2001

Completion Date(month/year): 22/1/2002

Services: The following aspects were considered and necessary field and historical/baseline data collected to formulate the project feasibility for investment: - socio-economic profile of the country; - prevailing transportation and traffic characteristics; - present road condition including the pavement, structures, road furniture etc.; - geotechnical and soil conditions; - environmental issues/concerns; - other pertinent information. Economic analysis were carried out using the Highway Development & Management Model, HDM-4.

Name of Associated firm(s):

No of Man-Month Of Professional Staff
Provided by associated firm(s):

Name of Senior Staff: Omarkhan Birimzhan, Project Director - overall project administration and liasion at managerial level; Rustam Ishenaliev, Team Leader daily coordination and day-to-day supervision of field and office activities and preparation of the project report.


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