KCI offers its services to other national and international agencies, both in government and private sectors, including international financing institutions, local and expatriate consulting firms, and the private/corporate clientele. The scope of services could also expand to include other areas of mutual interest for which suitable local expertise is available and could be utilised appropriately. The prospective clientele includes, State Ministries, Oblast Administrations, Local Bodies and City Municipalities in Kazakhstan and other countries.

KCI keenly endeavours to find new areas of work with various Clients with a commitment on :

  • highest quality of its projects
  • low cost for preparing projects
  • shortest period for carrying out the projects

KCI intends to participate in association with the International Consultants for projects announced by the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the European Bank for Rehabilitation and Development as well as other International Financing Institutions and Agencies.

KCI has agreements of joint collaboration with some of the large regional and global companies in diversified spheres of expertise. This provides an opportunity to explore and widen the spectrum of services that can be rendered in Kazakhstan and the other CIS countries. During the execution of projects KCI uses their information-technical base and may employ specialists of those companies as necessary. Some of the key affiliates of KCI in the private sector are listed below :

  • JSC Kazdorproject, Kazakhstan
  • China Road and Bridge Corporation, China
  • Engineering Consultants International Limited, Pakistan
  • Ishaq and Brothers Limited, Kyrgyzstan
  • Paveguard International Enterprise LLC, USA
  • Engineering and Research Incorporated, USA
  • KUAB, Sweden
  • Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Malaysia


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