After independence of Kazakhstan in 1991, the Government of Kazakhstan, with the assistance of International Financial Institutions (IFIs), embarked upon several new ventures with an aim to develop Kazakhstan as one of the progressive, forward-looking and modern Country. In this respect, the development policy was evolved under the pretext to sustain, and maintain, the existing infrastructure and at the same time launch new projects considered necessary for future development plan. The Government of Kazakhstan adopted an aggressive investment policy that is constantly been evolved satisfying the need of investors to make Kazakhstan as the most investor-friendly country in the region. The major thrust of investment has been for infrastructure development, specially focusing on rehabilitation and revamping of the obsolete infrastructure, equipment, and systems. This has provided a window of opportunity for those who dare to venture into developing new businesses.

In view of this situation, most investors, when venturing into Kazakhstan, come to Kazakhstan with a hope to find conglomerates offering professional services in their respective fields encompassing services and related sectors. However, to their disappointment they find no such services and consequently have to bring professionals from other countries, which costs more. Engineering Services is one such sector where a lot of improvement is required. At present, such services are rendered either by public or semi-public sector companies. The lack of private sector participation has created a void in development consulting businesses. Although there is no dearth of competent professionals in Kazakhstan, but there is a tendency of brain drain owing to the fact that professionals are not provided with an opportunity to build long-term professional careers in Kazakhstan. In order to achieve the goal of reducing the brain drain, an effective platform is required where such professionals could build up their careers and be at par with their international contemporaries.

In light of the foregoing, a private sector initiative was taken in April 2000 when Kazakh Consult International (KCI) was established as an independent consulting firm offering professional services in infrastructure development projects. KCI objectives are encompassing, but not limited to the following:

  • Provide well-equipped and technically sound local expertise in the consulting engineering and socio-economic sector.
  • Enhance technical participation of local firms on internationally funded projects.
  • Provide training and opportunities to the local professionals on current international trends and standards applicable in their respective careers within the scope of operation.
  • Provide opportunities of growth to the local professionals
  • Develop new skills and cultivate fresh ideas for address indigenous issues in development of Kazakhstan.
  • Undertake research and development activities
  • Provide leadership to create awareness on significance of role that is required from local professionals in development of Kazakhstan, especially in consulting sector.

KCI is determined to play its due role as effectively as possible. However, this requires hard work, perseverance, patience and above all, cooperation from all the concerned quarters. We sincerely believe that we can achieve our goals provided that the concerned quarters acknowledge our earnest objectives.

And last, but not the least, we acknowledge the importance and significance of internet - the most significant communication media ever and committed our resources to introduce and promote KCI on the most viable media of the twenty-first century. I take this opportunity to acknowledge sincere efforts of our professionals who took keen interest in developing this website which I consider as one of the first step toward developing our company on solids foundation. I sincerely wish that our aspirations succeeded in providing the necessary segment in the revamping of our country and the region at large. With this mission, I request all our valued clients, associates and affiliates, financial institutions, other public and private sector organisations, our colleagues, and our friends to support us for a noble cause in realizing the objective of delivering a highly competent and satisfactory consulting services in Kazakhstan and the CIS.

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